Apple Picking 2010

So, I know what you're thinking. "Apple picking? It's barely September and the weather hasn't been below 80 in months." Sure, it's not ideal weather, and there was no hot apple cider and homemade donuts while sitting in the barn cozied up around the wood stove, but the apples are still really tasty. Even tastier when you take your children and nieces and make a family outing of it.

Truth is, we haven't got time any other weekend. We're under contract on a house. Yes, we took the plunge, and for a mere $300 more mortgage per month we're getting 3 1/2 times the house. We're psyched, but there's so much to do Sam and I giggle (we don't want to panic) anytime we think about it. How in the world is all of this going to get done? (We're keeping our current house and turning it into a rental...lots of little projects to finish up...Sam's already started). Thankfully, we have lovely friends and family who have already offered to do whatever it takes...like taking our kids for an hour so that we can pack without interruptions, or bringing us food, or making sure we get all our stuff from this house to the new house. All this to say, it was either pick apples now or perhaps, don't pick apples this season. If you know me, the latter was not an option. (Although I did give up making applesauce this season, as Sam kindly pointed out...something's gotta give).

The house is in a neighborhood called Bent Creek about 10 minutes from West Asheville. While we're sad about leaving our little community, we're excited about the opportunity of a new one. We have great friends who just moved there and we're excited about being next to them again.

Without further ado, here are some adorable pictures of our family...my heart swells when we all do things together. What lovely times.

It was a good weekend.

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  1. looks better than good...looks blessed.


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