Baby Two (fondly referred to as Pulaski Jr or PJ)

We had our Ultrasound this past Thursday. Per the Doctor:  "there's a perfect little baby in there." We agreed. We're not huge fans of the 3D pictures but the ultrasound tech just printed them for us...Sam calls those pictures "PJ's smoke monster pics" (from LOST). They're fairly creepy to me.

A friend asked me yesterday what it was like to get an ultrasound on the second child...was it not quite as exciting? I have to say it was just as exciting and magical and beautiful and emotional the second time around. I am in love with this baby. I didn't think I could be. I've been stuck on how much I love Kedzie and confused on how I could love a second baby as much...it all became clear last Thursday. There's really another person in there. A person that Sam and I created. What an amazing gift. 

Boy or girl you ask...surprise we say. We couldn't bring ourselves to spoil that experience of exhilaration that comes after 40 weeks of waiting, hours (days in Kedzie's case) of labor and that moment when Sam/I slowly pick him/her up to finally see if Kedzie has a brother or a sister. 20 weeks down...20 to go!


this week in a moment

[the week captured in a single moment to pause and remember always. something that made us smile, reflect, love more fully]...inspired by soulemama.

too many to chose from after our trip to Denver...


Babies on the brain...

In two days we leave for Denver. Mostly for a wedding and a baby shower, but also for a tiny family reunion. Weddings in Sam's family are an awesome reason for a family get together. They're really fun and loaded with far away relative reunions. This will be especially fun as there is a baby shower included! I love making baby gifts!

Here's the baby shower gift I've been working on for a few days now. Dustan (Sam's cousin and the father of the baby) is a firefighter, so for the longest time I tried to think of a way to applique some sort of firefighter emblem onto a onesie...I just never got inspired and therefore no onesie came out of it. The onesie that did come out of the thought process was this one:
The tiny owl is appliqued onto a clearance baby Gap onesie...I love how soft all their cotton is...using felt and straight stitch of embroidery floss. I love hand stitching. Kedzie will be getting one of these, that's for darn sure.

To go along with the onesie, I had to make some burp cloths. I loved my homemade burp cloths. They made the whole spit up thing so much more manageable with their prettiness. These are, by far, my favorite.

 The patchwork was inspired by this book. It's made entirely from scraps and the finished projects makes me smile every time I see them. I think I might have to make a few for the new babe.

I've also been working a few things to keep Kedzie happy & quiet (it can happen) while on the plane ride to Denver. Stay tuned. I hope they'll get done before we have to leave!


Things From Then

Every once in a while, something arrives, or appears or is stumbled over that makes me fall into my childhood.

The smell of Oven Fried Chicken baking.

Watching the little fat kid at the county fair show his sheep - eyes on the judge, control the animal, rub her belly, eyes on the judge...eyes on the judge.

My parent's Christmas decorations, particularly the Simpich Dolls.

The bubblegum pinkness of ammoxicillian, which I have had the opportunity to experience several times per day as we try to beat back Kedzie's ear infection (a childhood legacy of mine I wish he didn't have to encounter.)

And, from Bend, Oregon via eBay, another reminder came today:

Yes, a Fisher Price record player to go with the read-along records Nicole found at Goodwill. Our library is limited, but it includes many of the greats - Robin Hood, The Wizzard of Oz, Brer Rabbit (do you remember his tar baby?). Kedzie loves it - at least as much as his short attention span and general sickness-induced crankiness will allow. The records are scratched, the pages worn, we're pretty sure the player needs a new needle. It's beautiful. Nicole is now on the prowl for thrifted 45s - keep your eyes open for us, won't you?


{this moment}

As inspired by SouleMama, a beautiful moment from the week. In her words: "A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. "

She's very inspiring.

Here's ours.


The News

About a week ago now, (I know, I'm not very punctual), Sam came home from work and said:

"Guess what...I found out that Dave Ramsey is on the radio on my way home, and, guess what I learned."

Here's the story he heard: A woman called in who is in the exact situation we're in: She and her husband are currently living on the cash system and are trying to pay down their debt. She is pregnant right now and wondering what she should do to prepare for the little one coming soon. Dave told her that she should stop with her debt bomb and take each monthly bomb and put that into savings for the little one (just in case). Once the baby is born and the bills are paid, take that giant pot of leftover money and put it into your debt in one huge bomb. BAM.

While this is good news in that, we'll be prepared for whatever might lay ahead (financially anyway), it's a bit disappointing to work on the budget and feel like we're not getting anywhere with our debt. Sam set up a little table on our Numbers spreadsheet to add up each debt bomb so we can keep track of what's in that pot.

All this to say that our number up there on that banner will be staying stationary for a while. Come this fall we'll have a new baby and a giant debt bomb to put forth (pending no problems)!

Here's some pics of my current baby (yes, he's still my baby):

Oatmeal and Yogurt is delicious.