It is finished.

Celebrating the boy!

Kedzie's airport backpack. More awesome than I thought it would be. It's huge on him right now but it'll do until he grows into it. He will actually let me put it on him and he'll walk around the house with it. Very grown up (but still adorable). I ended up just following this tutorial. It's written pretty well. I only had one major bout of seam ripping.
I didn't have an old pair of khakis so I ended up using an old pair of jeans that had made it to the scraps pile. I love how the seam of the jean is down the middle like a sweet little stripe. As for the fabrics, I wanted to use one of these fabrics (especially the sweet blue elephants) but decided I didn't want to spend money on fabric when I have a gigantic stash to choose from. Sam helped me pick out the manliest fabric I had and off I went.

Here's an inside pic.
When Kedzie wakes up from his nap we'll be heading to the goodwill clearance center to find some goodies to fill it up with. This will be his key to keeping busy while on our upcoming flight to Denver.

As for the recipe for the bread we Sam made the other day...it is a super detailed recipe. Awesome, but not good for blogging. When I say super, I mean 14 pages long with tons of pictures. I highly recommend the book if you're interested in getting into bread baking. Great instructions for the basic bread and then many other variations on how to turn the basic into things such as cinnamon rolls, pancakes, focaccia, etc.



  1. oh my gosh...that is soo cute. oh t :)o have time to craft...someday :)

  2. What a little man walking around with that backpack! So cute!

  3. super cute- I wish we lived closer so I could get some lessons.

    Thanks for the book title for the bread- 14 page recipe- yikes.

    Heather Rose


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