Back at it.

Let's be honest. My posts have been few and far between. I want to keep up the regularity of posting, for myself to have this tiny online journal, but also for the both of you who actually read this thing. I miss writing and hearing from you all.

So, here are my plethora of excuses:

  1. Kedzie and I have had the flu for about 10 days now. Not cool to watch a one year old vomit and not eat. 
  2. I've been trying to pick up more shifts at work right now. They're extremely shorthanded so I'm trying to help out while still keeping a balance at home with peanut.
  3. Our computer got eaten by a bear.
  4. On top of the flu I'm 13 weeks pregnant! I've been much more nauseous than I was with Kedzie and have been non-functioning for about 3 months now. We are so excited! We heard the heartbeat last week. Our sister in law will be our midwife again.
Enough excuses. My flu/morning sickness has finally begun to die down and I'm ready to jump back into the land of the living.

Like we said in the last couple posts there is no update for January because we're donating it all to relief efforts in Haiti. We're also going to start working out how to somehow give monthly to Haiti. That's not been figured out yet.

Feels good to talk again. I promise to get back into the habit of blogging. It's been nice to hear from some of you and know that you actually read this stuff. As long as you keep reading, we'll keep writing.

N. (& Kedzie who is sitting on my lap enthralled with fingers typing on the keyboard).
(gotta love Photo Booth!)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hope you are feeling better soon...Kedzie will be a wonderful big brother I'm sure!

  2. Congrats...so excited for you guys. Chris says congrats too. He sent me an email this morning telling me your were pregnant, so I jumped on the blog to get the news myself. :) Glad you are feeling better. Two is GREAT..so is THREE :)

  3. Congratulations. I hope you're staying hydrated with all the puking.
    Heather Rose

  4. Awesome. When Eileen was born, a good neighbor took me aside and said he was optimistic for the world because of our optimism in welcoming a new baby into it. Here is to a world that seems a little bit brighter because of your news.

    Nikki and JP

  5. Yeah! Congratulations. Definatly have to see you soon when you are all feeling better.

  6. Congratulations! It's a lot of fun!


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