The Perks of Pregnancy

Today was my test for gestational diabetes. At New Dawn, pregnant women get a choice. Option 1: fast for 12 hours, come in and drink a super sweet orange drink and then get your blood drawn an hour later. Option 2: fast 12 hours, get blood drawn, go out to eat wherever you want and indulge in as sweet a breakfast as you want, come back in 2 hours later and again get your blood drawn. Needless to say, both pregnancies I've went with option 2.

This year Sam took the morning off work and finally got to go to one of the prenatal visits with us. After 20 or so minutes of drawing blood (I'm a difficult stick), we headed downtown to Tupelo Honey. Most people have heard of this restaurant, even if they don't live here. Tourists don't leave Asheville without eating here. Usually, Sam and I opt for something else as the line is around the block most days and hours. Today, we walked right in a got a table. Good start for a fasting pregnant woman.
It was delicious. I gorged on the homemade black raspberry jam and biscuits along with a large glass of OJ (I threw in some protein here and there). I think the happiest out of our bunch was Kedzie who ate an entire biscuit (loaded with jam) and then got the kids order of sweet potato pancakes (once again loaded with jam). He was a sticky mess.

We had to wait a couple hours before I could get my blood drawn, so we walked around town a bit. Lovely day with my lovies.

hope your day is lovely.


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