We're back...

You won't believe what we've accomplished these past couple months. First and foremost, Elsie is 1! WTH. How did that happen?!
I actually finished making her a happy birthday banner and this sweet crown made from a thrifted sweater. The highlights of my year as I actually got to do some crafting. Oh, and this was made for her present. It was also made from a part of that same sweater, as well as a couple others. It's freakin' cute.

Secondly, we did it! We set a goal way back when, and we did it. Early I might add. Just, FYI, I'm pretty good at setting close to insurmountable goals and then being disappointed when it doesn't pan out (as Sam so endearingly notes). I also would like to point out that not only did we meet this insurmountable goal, but we "freekin' rocked it." We paid off my graduate school loans in the amount of roughly $25,000 since April. We are now down to about $65,000. This whole thing is seeming a bit more doable. 

We would love to hear from you if you somehow stopped by and are on this journey with us. 

It feels good to make progress.


  1. Congratulations on all the progress! Awesome. Love you guys. Sweet, sweet pictures of the babes.

  2. so exciting on your paydown...you need an updated header image! cute little kiddos and they're getting so big!

  3. That's awesome! Kid's are adorable. Fun seeing them with Uncle Ray!

  4. Miss hearing about you and the family!!!


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