We've been diligently working towards our goal this last payperiod. I've been working a lot more so our life has been much less like I'm a stay-at-home mama and more like a full-time working mama. This seems to have taken a toll on more than just the expected. Mostly, though, it's difficult to come home, make dinner, pack lunches, clean up dishes, put babies to bed and have any time for each other. And do it all again the next day.

I can hear you..."wah, wah, wah." I know. Our life is blessed and I am thankful for this moment of sleeping babies, a husband (who played house husband all weekend) who is currently tending to our household needs by folding laundry, and a nice chunk of change to show for all this hard work.

 Kedzie 8 months
Elsa 7 months

So, this totally goes against Dave Ramsey philosophy, but I think we're gonna hold onto the money until:
1. we figure out what we're going to do to the basement in order to get it in rentable shape. We don't think this will take very much. Replace the windows, clean the carpet, new shower curtain and LOTS of organization. We're hoping to not have to throw too much cash into it but if we can get it fixed up and rentable by August we will be quite pleased with ourselves.
2. We're totally going to save enough to pay off my graduate student loans, which is a whopping $24,000. I know, ridiculous. That loan is currently our highest monthly payment of around $240. Basically, when we get that baby paid off we'll have $240 extra dollars per month. Awesome. That's what Dave calls a Debt Snowball. 

I'm not sure it's possible, but I'd love to be able to pay that baby off by my birthday. I'm not sure there could be a better present. Goal is set, it's out there in cyberspace. October 12th, here we come!

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