Baby Two (fondly referred to as Pulaski Jr or PJ)

We had our Ultrasound this past Thursday. Per the Doctor:  "there's a perfect little baby in there." We agreed. We're not huge fans of the 3D pictures but the ultrasound tech just printed them for us...Sam calls those pictures "PJ's smoke monster pics" (from LOST). They're fairly creepy to me.

A friend asked me yesterday what it was like to get an ultrasound on the second child...was it not quite as exciting? I have to say it was just as exciting and magical and beautiful and emotional the second time around. I am in love with this baby. I didn't think I could be. I've been stuck on how much I love Kedzie and confused on how I could love a second baby as much...it all became clear last Thursday. There's really another person in there. A person that Sam and I created. What an amazing gift. 

Boy or girl you ask...surprise we say. We couldn't bring ourselves to spoil that experience of exhilaration that comes after 40 weeks of waiting, hours (days in Kedzie's case) of labor and that moment when Sam/I slowly pick him/her up to finally see if Kedzie has a brother or a sister. 20 weeks down...20 to go!

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