Things From Then

Every once in a while, something arrives, or appears or is stumbled over that makes me fall into my childhood.

The smell of Oven Fried Chicken baking.

Watching the little fat kid at the county fair show his sheep - eyes on the judge, control the animal, rub her belly, eyes on the judge...eyes on the judge.

My parent's Christmas decorations, particularly the Simpich Dolls.

The bubblegum pinkness of ammoxicillian, which I have had the opportunity to experience several times per day as we try to beat back Kedzie's ear infection (a childhood legacy of mine I wish he didn't have to encounter.)

And, from Bend, Oregon via eBay, another reminder came today:

Yes, a Fisher Price record player to go with the read-along records Nicole found at Goodwill. Our library is limited, but it includes many of the greats - Robin Hood, The Wizzard of Oz, Brer Rabbit (do you remember his tar baby?). Kedzie loves it - at least as much as his short attention span and general sickness-induced crankiness will allow. The records are scratched, the pages worn, we're pretty sure the player needs a new needle. It's beautiful. Nicole is now on the prowl for thrifted 45s - keep your eyes open for us, won't you?

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