the little bunnies

yesterday was the 10th anniversary of hickory nut gap farm...a local farm we've been supporting for 5 years now. we get most of our meat there: chickens, beef, pork, and turkey for thanksgiving. (lamb comes from east fork farm). we went out to hickory nut gap yesterday and enjoyed time gawking at the horses, pigs and baby chicks and dancing to the old time mountain music.

afterwards we headed to two spoons for their grand re-opening...if you live in west asheville and you like ice-cream...the season is upon us.

this morning kedzie woke up (too early I might add) to this easter basket. My inspiration came from here.

the basket innards were either from the goodwill clearance store...all for $6 or homemade like these little guys. there's one for each cousin at easter dinner tonight.

sam also made one of these but i couldn't get a good picture of it...it doesn't like to stand up. the only candy i could bring myself to give a 16 month old was this...they're mighty tasty if i might add.

happy easter all.

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