spring has sprung.

We have been amiss lately...here's why!
We've finally begun planting our herb/strawberry/flower garden above the deck retaining wall. It is lovely. I can't help but think of my grandparents every time I smell, eat, touch, see an herb. It feels so right to have this garden be a reminder of them.
I don't think we ever posted finished pics of the deck. Here's a couple views. It's probably more square footage than roughly 1/2 of the inside of the house.
Kedzie has fallen off this corner twice now...both much more traumatic for his parents. He's fine, but we have a friend coming over tonight to discuss a small railing and gate. We were trying to avoid that...but with Kedzie and another on the way...probably better safe than sorry. Oh, and the pile of dirt on the left is not finished or planted yet. We're hoping to terrace it with dry stacked stones. We're not sure if it's in the budget this year or not. Probably not.

Sandbox in all its glory. We love it.
Sam even built some steps...so cute. Our neighbor came over and said "that is a Rule sandbox." Compliment I think.
Finally hung up Kedzie's swing. He and the neighbor love it already. Don't mind the mess in the back of the picture. Old compost pile that Sam is currently working on building bins for.
Our cherry tree we planted a couple years ago. I'm hoping for cherries this year.
Blueberry flowers..aren't they lovely?
My sweet boy. I can't believe how old he's getting. Closer and closer to being a big brother!

Hope your spring has been lovely so far.

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