The City Market is back, and my heart is happy.

Nay, it is more than happy - it is full of hope. I realize that sounds a bit dramatic, and I am the first to acknowledge my more than intermittent flares toward the arts, but I really, really, really love the Market. Sure, I love the City Market, but I love the Market at large - it symbolizes all that I aspire to: community, health, justice, sustainability, deliciousness, and, I think, is the answer to many of our ills (well summarized by Mr. Pollan here). It is good to be back.

This weekend, then, was well suited for some food adventures.

Kedzie, touting his Lebanese heritage, took hold of his first dolma (a pickled, stuffed grape leaf) and  mowed through it like a table saw.

Nicole, with market-fresh asparagus in hand, crafted a tart with Filo, potatoes and cheese. Jamie Oliver  supplied the recipe (if you didn't get a chance to catch his Revolution, please try; it will remind you that there are still earnest, creative people working for good. At the very least, think about signing the petition). 

The picture of the tart was poorly lit and censored, but it was delicious. 

And, we have been in the garden. A lot. I stumbled over something I wrote in my journal last year, and it is as true, probably more so in fact, today:
That is why I want to love gardening so much - it is an outward expression of how I want to be. Every season is new, full of promise and possibility. With patience and nurturing, life unfolds and lives boldly. 
So, here's to living with patience and nurturing - the boldly will come on its own.

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