No, she didn't get arrested. She had us worried for a few days (and sleepless nights) at home and finally when Monday rolled around we decided to head to the MD. Her pediatrician (4 days prior) had diagnosed her with asthma/reactive airway disease and she'd been on steroids (oral and inhaled) all weekend. Nothing seemed to be working and she constantly sounded like a 95 year old frail woman with pneumonia. Not good. Anyway, long story short, she was breathing with great difficulty and a nebulizer treatment did nothing for her in the office so off to the hospital we went. Thank God for family, Kedzie had a grand ol' time with his cousins while Sam, Elsie and I hung out in the hospital. Scary, institutionalized bed and all.
She's doing fine. We really only stayed about 6 hours and they let us out. They monitored her O2 saturation and she maintained well. Her respiratory rate decreased and she calmed down a bit once she took a nap in the Beco. (She was having none of that bed). 

So, a bit scary but made us all thankful that she doesn't have cystic fibrosis or any number of chronic diseases that went through our heads. As Kedzie said to his auntie when we heard we were all coming home to have dinner with everyone, "Elsie happy now?" Elsie is happy now.


  1. I was at the hospital all day! I wish I would have known. Glad to hear you are home and that she is doing better. We missed you yesterday!
    Love to you all and prayers for sleep,

  2. Poor Elsa Nicole...what we all have we need to be so thankful for. We missed you guys at the easter melieu, but understandably. It was good to see sam. please let us know if you need ANYTHING.
    lots o love
    rouse fam

  3. Oh, sweet baby! Hope she's feeling better.


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