Christmas is here!!!

First let me say a hearty thank you for all of the wisdom you shared. It's funny how fear works. It starts by making you doubt everything you believe in. I'm back on track and know that we will make the best decision for Kedzie when the time comes. If it turns out to not be the best decision...we can change it. No need to be afraid. Thanks again for all you shared.

Now, let's get down to business. Yesterday was Christmas decorating night. We've been trying to get a day that both Sam and I had off together and it just wasn't coming together that way. So, we scratched that plan and made a date for last night. It was awesome. I wasn't into it at first...not sure why, I was just grumpy. Then the tree, and lights and stockings and snow globes came out and I was in heaven.

We almost made an unfrugal move. You see, the Christmas tree we've had since our second year of marriage (a tiny, tabletop, artificial tree with lights built in that I got on clearance for $15) would only light the bottom half of itself. It was pitiful. This tiny tree has kept its place in our life so long mostly because our home is 770 square feet. Have I mentioned that before? Our house is small cozy.

So, we said, perhaps it's time to step into the world of adulthood and get an adult sized real tree. A tree that smells of Christmas. A tree that would help support our local economy. (Christmas tree farming is a huge crop in Western NC). Yes, that's it, we need to support the local economy. We had just read our friend, Sarah's blog. (Try to read that post and not want Christmas tree wafting through your home.) We were getting all excited to go out and cut down our own tree. After about 15 minutes of this we realized the expense involved. I've been reading and reading and reading the Tightwad Gazette (which Sarah sent us). In our old life we would've tossed the miserable little tree out to the curb and went and got us a shiny new one. "How can we fix this?" We had a string of lights we could put around the top of the tree to make it good as new. That's what we did. We stayed true to our frugal roots and the tree is lovely. While I may need to go out and get a Christmas tree scented candle, the tree itself still makes me smile.

A friend got Kedzie this stocking for Christmas last year. It's awesomely roomy. It already has some treats for Christmas day in there! Thanks Robin!

Not the best picture but I wanted to show you all the Christmas jammies I whipped up for Kedzie. I thought it would be a fun tradition to buy Christmas jammies every year and maybe have that be day one on the advent calendar (whenever I finish it). So, I was about to purchase some jammies when I found this sweet little red number at goodwill for $1.50. I quickly cut out a snowman and felted on some accessories. Put all this together you have Tightwad (adorable) Christmas jammies.

Hope you're enjoying your family's Christmas traditions.

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  1. I love your sweet tree...it is a reminder of the debt free life to come! :)


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