Free Yoga

Tightwad Tip:

So, a friend of mine recently told me about the yogatoday website. I'd been looking for a yoga class I enjoyed and that I deemed worthy of my 8-10$ per class. I haven't found one. I finally decided to try out the free class at yogatoday. Pretty good. They offer all sorts of classes for a monthly fee, but they always have one free class that you can stream from your computer. They change it every week. If you like yoga, I definitely recommend it.

Oh, and there's been lots of Christmas crafting going on in our household. I don't want to post pictures yet, as that might ruin the suprise. Stay tuned.



  1. I have been a huge fan of Yoga today they use to let you download a new class every day for freeeeee. But in order to support themselves they had to start charging. They are great.
    Heather Rose

  2. Another great site to try out i http://www.myyogaonline.com . Amazing teachers in great locales with solid practices. some of the best classes i have tried online.


  3. Hey Nicole- Glad you like the online class. Cute pics of Kedzie in the snow. See you soon, Jess


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