King for a day. King for a year.

Yesterday was Kedzie's birthday. While we are still sorting out our details of raising children in a material world, we are certain that birthday's can, and for our family, should be celebrations. Of course, Kedzie will not remember a thing about the day, but we sure had fun celebrating him.

Inspired by her cursory look at Soule Mamma, Nicole transformed a ratty old sweater into a felted crown in less than 2 hours. It was quite a sight - both the making and the wearing.

Of course, the birthday king deserved a tour of his realm to check on his subjects. And, no tour is a tour worth anything without a first stop at the scrap yard.

I think I was happier than the king, but jesters are a strange lot. And, I was able to sell some copper pipe I tore out of the basement during some plumbing reworking a few weeks ago.

With our $6 in hand, we took the king to his favorite coffee shop, for a bagel, an Americano and a latte for the court.

(As the mission of this blog is to document our financial transformation, I feel obliged to acknowledge the questionable decision to spend instead of save. The morning, though, was a wonderful family date, and I wouldn't change it for anything.)

Next, the king requested a respite, and proceeded to nap for nearly two and one half hours, an eternity for a kid who tends to pop up after an hour on the dot.

Eventually, it was off to gammy and papaws for dinner and drumming, not to mention some cupcakes, cousins and a friend or two.

Cousin Eily

It was a beautiful day, worthy for a beautiful boy.

Of course, nothing lasts for long; we took Kedzie to the doc today for his 1-year check up and walked out with a sobbing, angry little mess with four immunization holes and a toe prick for a blood screening.


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  1. What a day...Happy belated Birthday to your little king!


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