Holiday Fest in West Asheville

This past Saturday we convinced our neighbors (and friends) Chad, Marissa and Eloise (who is about 2 weeks older than Kedzie) to walk up to Haywood Street with us and check out this Holiday Fest they were having. It wasn't all we thought it would be as it mostly entailed some window displays and free samples of beer. It didn't quite live up to the Chicago window displays but it was a lovely, local, walkable activity which we will continue supporting in the future. We did have a good time and enjoyed a walk in the brisk air with the babes. We topped off the evening by finally getting to try out the UJ. Good wings + good beer + good friends + well fed babies = happy parents.

Ship to Shore window display...love the antique doilies.

Happy boy.

Sweet Eloise.

Blue Barnhouse Letterpress Christmas Card: This one says "Rudolph...where are we?"

Burgermeisters had the awesome window display featuring "The Snowy Day" one of Kedzie's faves currently.

A good, festive time was had by all.


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  1. Oh I LOVE The Snowy Day and anything by Ezra Keats!


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