This has been a very busy two weeks. I don't like it. I've picked up a few extra shifts at work...gazelle intensity as Dave Ramsey would so lovingly put it. Because we work pretty hard to live off of mainly Sam's salary, any extra shift I pick up will go straight to our debt bomb. Sam has also picked up a couple extra 1/2 shifts a week at an outpatient clinic. Basically covering for a friend of a friend. "Debt bomb" we tell ourselves over and over. I was created to be a stay at home mama. I am a homebody and I adore puttering around the house and creating, loving on my baby, cleaning, designing, whatever. I love my home. (Not to say I don't enjoy my job, I do actually. I enjoy it more when I'm not there very often). Anyway, the week is almost over and Sam only has one more week of extra shifts. Thank goodness.

Kedzie found Bosha's floppy ears. I have to say those are some soft, super floppy ears. Really fun to play with!

Here are a few little goodies I created last week. There are two women we work with that are due about the same time. There was a work baby shower, so I sent these goodies in with Sam. (I wanted to go, but I was not about to cart Kedzie off to a major hospital which is not allowing kids under 18 to visit...H1N1 outbreak!) I love making baby gifts. These were especially fun as I think I'm perfecting my appliques.

B is for Boone (cute name, right?)

Easiest burp cloths ever.

No money was spent in the creation of these gifts. I had gotten the onesies a few weeks back at Baby Gap. Every few months they clear out their organics for a new shipment and everything goes at ridiculous prices. I think I got these for $4 each. I used fabric and felt that I had lying around the house and the cloth diapers were here also. Easy peasy.

There has been a recent addition to a friend's family. He's just a few days old now. I'll have to get to work creating him his own specialty onesie. I've got a few ideas in mind.

Hope you're all well. Leave us a comment if you have a chance.

P.S. We recently hit a new payperiod. When we have the numbers crunched, we'll update you on our total.


  1. Very cute baby gifts...love that little bird!

  2. Cole...You Make Me Proud in every way. Those new babes & mamas will be so blessed by these loving gifts, and we are inspired by the commitment you & Sam have. Blessings!!

  3. I want to have a baby just so I can enjoy things this cute. Oh I wish I had the time for all this craftiness
    Heather Ros


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