Frugalista Rants.

Hello friends,

I'm not sure why I'm so surprised. I should have had more faith in you. The support we've received from you all (or ya'll, as we so lovingly say it now) has been monumental. Everyone, literally everyone, who wrote regarding our blog's unveiling, was ridiculously supportive. It has been lovely to hear the "heck yeahs" and the "we're so proud of you(s)." We will forever come back to those e-mails and comments to help us continue on our path. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have to say, so far, so good. Granted nothing huge has come out of the woodwork to tempt me off my path. I'm currently thinking about the next house renovation (only small ones) that I want to SAVE for. It's been a good lesson in patience for me. I didn't realize what an instant gratification girl I am was.

I thought, perhaps, this would be a good time to share one way I'm attempting to be more frugal. To be a frugalista, if you will. My first tip is, if you're at all handy/crafty, make your own gifts. Awesome fun. And people usually appreciate them more. Even kids. Taking it a step further, make those gifts from repurposed materials. Currently I have been working on some baby onesies for all the new babes being born around me: plain onesies (usually found on clearance) with appliques made from a pair of old jeans, some felt and fabric scraps. LOVELY. Parents love them. You wouldn't believe the sense of satisfaction you can get from creating something new from something old. Apparently, when money was scarce in times past, this is what people did.

I already gave the gifted onesies away, but here's one I made for Kedzie for his first birthday which is coming up Nov 30th!

There's a goodwill clearance store in our neighborhood where you can buy gadgets and clothes by the pound. It's ridiculous, like $1.50/pound. I have a fellow frugalista who scours the place for cashmere sweaters which she quickly repurposes into adorable hats, crafts, whatever. Genius.

Now for some pictures for your enjoyment. We walked to the park yesterday for some free entertainment. I have never seen a child have so much fun in a swing. No joke, Kedzie was  belly laughing while he was swinging. My heart was full.

This is Kedzie signing "more". I'm not sure he can smile and sign at the same time yet.

Thank ya'll for your support. It means more than we can express with words.


  1. Okay seriously, God has blessed both of you immensely. Just look at it... -beautiful child and I am sure he has more up his sleeve to add to your quiver -love from each other -sound minds to realize that the debt you are in is not good, and how to really set for to get rid of it -health, jobs, insurance and blessings beyond all measure that you can pray and seek God's face daily. Nicole, I am seriously encouraged by your commitment to become debt free... I would love to see the spreadsheet that is working for you! Be blessed! Stay encouraged and keep loving that beautiful child of yours!
    Nicki (Malosh) Centala

  2. Beautifully written in ever way - gorgeous family in every way too! We are with you, have downsized HUGELY and loving every minute of it. You are on the right path and you are not alone. I love how you all light up the room (or computer) and I think you could make some extra cash in writing professionally!!

    We are with you and love you!

    ck, fk, mk, sk

  3. Christine...thank you for ALWAYS supporting me (us)! You are appreciated!


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