First Fire of Fall

A couple days ago was our first fire of the season in our wood stove. It feels good to have the warmth fill the house again. It also feels good to be a bit chilly and be able to cozy up with a sweater, some tea and the wood stove.

It was a rager.

We took the opportunity to clean out our files and get rid of unwanted papers. Burning all those old credit card statements (why did we keep them for so long?) felt like unloading a huge burden. It felt good to just clean out some clutter, (We have to do this periodically to keep our 762 square foot house from feeling like the walls are closing in on you.) but, mostly, it felt like the last step to committing to this journey we've embarked on.

We are committed and loving every minute of it.

love, n.

P.S. I've been at work the past couple of days and found out a couple of co-workers are also on the Dave Ramsey plan. It's like we're in the Secret Money Club and we have these pow-wows about how awesome it feels to have control over your money. They've been on the plan much longer and still love it. Still feel like they're not being deprived. Good to hear.

P.P.S. If I may add to my wife's excellent summary.... In an act of serendipitous wonder, the fires lately have done more than turn the physical reminders of our crediting ways to ash; they have given us a miraculous, accidental joy - Slow Food Popcorn. Simply: Let a heavy, lidded pot with a healthy dose of olive oil and a single-layer depth of kernels sit on a raging stove for about 10 minutes. Unless you're burning jet fuel, it's unlikely that your stove will be putting out enough radiant energy to convince the kernels to blossom. It will, however, heat the oil enough to roast the seeds. Once they're a rich mahogany, with the oil popping, transfer to a Med-High stove top, shake and vent the steam as the corn dances to life, and enjoy a well-earned delight.

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