"Empty Bowls feeds empty stomachs"

Yesterday we did something fun. We went to a fundraiser called "Empty Bowls."  It's a national fundraiser held on World Food Day that our local food bank (MANNA) has participated in for years. After our stint with AmeriCorps, Sam worked at Manna  for a while. We both volunteered there while in AmeriCorps, so it's quite dear to both of us. The whole organization is lovely and addresses a huge need in our community.  The need for healthy, free food has gotten larger since the economic downturn. We are so thankful for Manna and everything they do for our community.

Now, with our giving pouch in hand, we headed down to Empty Bowls to pick up some tickets. Every dollar donated in the purchase of tickets goes directly to MANNA. The way this can happen is through many, many donations! Amazing local restaurants, such as Table, 12 Bones & Corner Kitchen (some of our faves - just an aside, come visit us and we'll take you to these fine establishments!) donate huge vats of amazing soups. Soups like creamy sweet potato with bacon and creamy smoked tomato(seriously!). Local bakeries donate bread and homemade cookies. Local potters donate hundreds of their hand-thrown bowls.

The way the whole thing works is, you buy your ticket (whatever you'd like to donate with a minimum of $20), you get a hand-thrown bowl made by a local potter, then choose your soup and enjoy. It's lovely.

Sam's favorite: creamy smoked tomato from 12 Bones.

The bowls we both chose. Beautiful aren't they?
How generous for an artist to donate their crafts.

I just wanted to take a moment to be thankful that we can contribute to this organization in even a small way. It's been interesting, in just these two weeks of keeping solid track of all of our money we've been able to give away MUCH more than we have been and still have almost $300 to put towards debt bomb. We live a blessed life and we are constantly thankful for it. What are you thankful for?

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