The Numbers

Today is the day we go to the bank and get out our cash for the next two weeks. I love this part. It feels a bit awkward and a bit wrong all rolled up together. I'm sure bank tellers deal with this all the time, but I can truly say, I have never gone into a bank and taken out this much money in CASH...and asked for it all in small bills. "You sure you don't want any large bills?" pleads the teller. Um, sorry, no. I walk out with a small baby and a huge wad of cash. I feel like I'm going to be mugged on the walk from the bank lobby to my car.

Anyway, I wanted to update everyone on our progress towards crushing that dastardly debt. In just two weeks we managed to save $294.78 to put towards our "debt bomb" as we've so lovingly nicknamed it. My initial reaction was "that's it!" But then Sam reminded me that this was just a two week period. My second reaction was "where was that money going before?!" How can we possibly have almost $300 to put toward debt in just two weeks. I never felt like I was an over spender. Apparently, that was a lie I told myself to continue my spending habits.

(Kedzie hearts watching Blue's Clues. We don't have TV, but we have Netflix and you can watch Blue's Clues instantly. He loves it. I hate to say it, but I think it's adorable. He gets soooo excited.)

I just want to qualify this $294.78 for you. This does not include any excess from the cash envelopes. Our envelopes have a roll-over system so that if you want to save up for a nice outfit per say (just an example), you can save over a few pay-period's time and voila, money for a nice outfit! This money is completely excess. This is on top of the normal payment we make each month to our student loan sharks. Awesome.

Lastly, let me say, I'm not sure how it happened. I don't feel like we sacrificed at all. We're eating like kings (literally, it's ridiculous); we're clothed well; we have a sweet house...really, the only thing I wanted for this week was some wine with dinner. I ran out of grocery money a few days ago. Today, I will celebrate. Wine anyone?

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  1. I couldn't sleep after eating too much birthday carrot cake, so thought I'd see what's up with yous. What another sweet surprise to see great photos which tell a simple story of love and commitment...and to read words from your hearts expressing determination, creativity, simplicity, love and commitment. You are inspirational and a blessing. Maybe now I'll sleep with a Heart filled with this new sweetness. xxxx damama


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