Cheap date night

A new mama friend recently told me how she and her husband used to (perhaps still do when the baby allows) do Cheap Date Night. They give themselves a certain amount of money and then, go wherever the wind blew them. They did some really creative things. Sam and I had an hour or two to do something fun this past Sunday. We decided to head downtown and walk around with the little man. Here is what we did:

First, we headed to the chocolate lounge. (We have a hard time being downtown and not stopping in here!) We split a chewy gingerbread cookie dipped in dark chocolate and I got a peppermint latte with house-made peppermint syrup. I've been wanting a seasonal latte since the weather turned and "you know who" has all those delicious syrups. I wanted to support a local shop but no one seemed to have the seasonal syrup. What a lovely surprise! It was outstanding. Just the right amount of sweet and peppermint. Highly recommend if you're in Asheville.

We walked by the new fountain downtown. And made a trip around the new Pack Square. They're starting to make some progress! It's looking lovely.

Then we took a stroll down Wall Street. It's lovely and all the gingko leaves were bright golden yellow. Gingkos are nostalgic for Sam and I. I put them on our wedding invitations and programs. They bring me back whenever I see them. Very romantic. It'll be 8 years for Sam and I in just a couple weeks. I think it deserves a celebration.

Not a gingko, but a Sweetgum tree. Classic southern tree. The more Sam and I live in the south, in this town, in this community, the more we feel it's part of us. It's beautiful. Go out and take a walk through your community with the people you love. It's cheap, romantic, nostalgic and yummy!


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  1. Eric and I have been missing Asheville lately, more than usual... thanks for letting us e-stroll around downtown with you!


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