The Holidays are Here.

Hooray! Holidays are here. Hard to believe with our recent weather of sunshine and 70s, but it's upon us. Thanksgiving is just a few days away. Yesterday, Kedzie and I (Sam was at work) rang in the beginning of this season with Asheville's holiday parade. I haven't been to this parade for years...now that Kedzie's here, I have a good reason to get out there. It was sweet. It was packed with people. It was raining candy. It was the South once again.

Fairview Flyers (unicyclists)

Junior ROTC
(made me sad...and a bit nationalistic at the same time)

yes... a llama

Kedzie LOVED the marching bands.

This was the caboose. Santa's float with all the reindeer.
Santa was singing...pretty good voice, actually.

This was Kedzie for 1 1/2 hours. Eating pirate's booty and watching everything!

Yesterday evening we went to our good friends' house for Hot Turkey Party. It was duly named and created by Dave because his Thanksgiving usually consists of cold turkey cooked the day before. You see, his wife is vegetarian and doesn't do turkey so she could care less about the temperature of the turkey. Nevertheless, Hot Turkey Party was born a few years back. We missed last year because of the little man, but this year it was back in full swing. Dave and Ann Lee are the perpetual hosts, and this year was a delicious feasty potluck.

Kedzie couldn't hold back his hunger.

Turkey, dressing, gravy & vegetarian gravy, baked tofu, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with caramelized apples, green bean casserole, rolls and cranberry poundcake and apple pie with cinnamon whipped cream for dessert!

Dave helping Kedzie wash down his turkey with a porter.

Shelby and Jonah.

Right this minute we are thankful for a cozy home, full of heat and love and safety. I think it's our home that's on our mind mostly because it's 40 degrees and raining outside and inside we have a nice cozy fire. And, I think, we're both very conscious of our home as this morning we spent some time volunteering with our church and serving homeless men & women breakfast. I spent yesterday hard boiling eggs and buying juice boxes and today was spent pondering what life would be like if my circumstances were different. I am thankful...very, very thankful.

What are you thankful for?

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