Reality Bites.

We are being thwarted.

October, you see, has three payperiods. Somehow Sam and I both overlooked that three payperiods = a lot more income than two payperiods. So in response to my earlier question of "where the h@$l did all that money go?" we now have an answer.

If you've seen Arrested Development you'll understand what I mean when I say we are currently hanging our heads while the depressing Charlie Brown music plays. We have not given up, but are figuring out how to fight back.

We are going to have to sacrifice...more than originally thought. This sacrifice is relative, as we're still richer than most Americans and nearly all of the world. Nevertheless, this debt hangs heavy around our necks.

Please, we would love to hear any suggestions you might have. We're open to anything that follows these rules: give more away and support our local community (especially with food).

All of this is for the little man. He's worth it.


  1. I'm sending you the Tightwad Gazette book. Email me your address!

  2. Hey Batman and family-
    I bet last year in October when you had three pay periods that extra money did not go towards your dept, like it did this year. What a great way to start your new life with a big chunk of change heading in the direction of debt. Maybe next month it won't be as big of an amount but there is nothing wrong with that. I think my biggest way I save money (which you probably already do) is I pack my food for the day when I have to go out so I am not tempted to stop and buy something- I also cut out all habits like hot chocolate (ie coffee for most people)and tea stops. I try to meet friends at places that do not reuire me to spend money. And of course I use the library a lot instead of buy my books. The little dollars add up and seem to so easily forgotten.

    You three are doing GREAT. Don't be dismayed. I am so inspired by you.
    Heather Rose


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