I heart *exercise. (*the way exercise makes me feel)

Here's the envelope I was speaking of in the earlier post of unfinished business. It's an envelope to help me get back on track with my exercise. Before Kedzie came along, I was, apparently, in pretty good shape. If you would've asked me back then if I was a good runner I would've vehemently stated, "NO." As I look back, I was a good runner. Now, everything is SO hard. This envelope is for things like: yoga class, race fees, running paraphernalia, etc. Mostly, I need races to train for in order to get me out the door and pushing a 15 pound stroller with a 21 pound baby up (and down) our extremely hilly neighborhood. Here's a race I did pre-Kedzie that I'm think might end up being my first race post-Kedzie. It's a fundraiser for my niece's school, plus you get hot cocoa at the end. Do races get any better?

Also, as I recently turned 32, I've come to a realization: I need to challenge my body in order to stay in shape. Not even stay in shape, but just keep up my fitness level for my lungs and heart and joints. Yoga helps me do that. There's a great yoga studio up the street that I took prenatal classes from and loved every minute of it. A friend also recently told me about the mama-baby yoga they offer there. I think Kedzie would make a cute little yogi. It's only about a mile from our house, so I can bike or jog if I have more time.

Hilarious, right? This is Kedzie and his cousins yesterday. Ladybug, skeleton, black cat and monkey. Awesome night. I personally can't wait until Kedzie is actually panhandling. The girls were blissed out from having so much fun (and perhaps from ingesting so much sugar)!

Everyone watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" at the end of the night. So sweet.

Hope you all had a fun holiday.

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  1. How fun to relive the evening this busy Monday morning. Thanks, Nicole, for posting the cute photos and just sharing the joy. It was so much FUN!


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