Happy Anniversary.

Today marks 8 years for Sam and I. It's funny how fast time passes when you're all grown up. I think it's one of those things "you know you're an adult when...time passes so fast you can't keep up with it." Don't you remember being a kid and thinking a month was SOOOO LOOOONG. You couldn't possibly wait that long. A month in adult time, is more like a day. So fast.

All that rambling to say that these past 8 years have been the absolute best 8 years of my life. I love and am in love with my husband, our baby is ridiculously sweet, and we have the privilege to pay off debt, when most people are fighting to pay their rent. We are truly fortunate.

My mom sent this edible arrangement for our anniversary. Those are dark chocolate dipped pears...delicious. Thanks mom!

Other good news includes we finally saved up enough in our Savings envelope to purchase Jamie Oliver's new cookbook! Oh my, it is more beautiful than either of us ever imagined. His philosophy about food mirrors ours AND he's passionate about getting others to love good, natural, wholesome food. This book is all about getting non-cooks to begin cooking from scratch. There are about a billion pictures to ensure good results for each recipe. If you've been intimidated to begin your cooking adventure, invest in this book (or check it out from your local library)! You will not be disappointed. His writing style is super friendly and laid back.

The recipe from the book to make the menu this week is called:
Asian Chicken Noodle Broth. We'll let you know how it goes. I have to say, his recipes have NOT ONCE let us down.

One more thing, please, please, please, if you enjoy Christmas music go to pandora.com and type in "Blue Christmas" by Elvis and you'll get the most dreamy Christmas music station ever created. Awesome!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Happy Anniversary! 8 years...where does time go?!

  2. 8 years...congrats...did not realize that we share this special day in common (its my b-day) We celebrate 10 years next month...Was looking at prom picts the other night of us...where does time go.


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