Our To-Do List

Today, I began a To-Do list. I know what you're thinking, "ugh, those make me think of being too busy, and having too much STUFF to do." Well, here's what I was thinking: "If I want to be a true tightwad, I need to be able to fit more things into my day." You see, do-it-yourself begets tightwadness. I'm trying to add more things to my day, but I would easily lose track of all I had to do. I thought, I'll make a list. I know myself, you see. I absolutely love crossing things off a list. Try it sometime, it is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Here is my To-Do list (I titled it Kick A@# List) for today:
  1. Blog
  2. Email...
  3. Make Pizza Dough for dinner
  4. Run 3 miles
  5. Laundry
  6. Make Menu for next week's dinner
  7. Clean Off Craft Area
  8. Sweep
  9. Empty & Fill Dishwasher
Look at all that STUFF crossed off my list. It's only 2:30!

(Making your own pizza dough and letting it rise by the fire=tightwad.)

Another tip from Ms. Tightwad was to keep your home tidy. This hit me hard. Our tiny house gets messy easily. Everything has a spot and if it's out of that spot, things spiral out of control quickly. If our house is tidy, I love it here. Loving it here is vital to accomplishing our goal of paying down debt. Along with a small home comes a small mortgage...allowing a greater percentage of income to go towards debt. Good advice. Also, I've noticed that when the kitchen is clean I'm much more excited about getting in there and cooking (cooking for yourself is definitely money-saving).

But really, I'm writing because I wanted to post these pics of Kedzie: he loves taking the mason jars of dried beans and grains and throwing them. Good thing mason jars are virtually indestructible...right?

Hope your day is full of things crossed off your list.

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