Month 1: Results

In one month we were able to "gather" $1166.10 to put towards our debt.

I'm not sure you heard me. Allow me to spell it out: one thousand, one hundred sixty-six dollars and ten cents.


I know what you're thinking..."those two must be eating rice and beans and never having any fun." So not true. That's why I thought this blog would be a good visual of how full our life is even while trying to live more simply. That's what it really comes down to...living more simply. For me, this first month has been freeing. It's helped me to see that perhaps I don't have to give everything up for 5 years (or until this giant debt gets paid off). Sam and I have this overwhelming sense of calm because we're totally in control of all of our money. As Dave Ramsey says "make your money work for you." It's so true. It feels awesome. Where the h#*l has all that money been? What did we do with it before?

(On a more random note: Thank you to Ann Lee for the birthday gift of Barbara Kingsolver's new book - which was your entrance fee to her book tour event - you are so thoughtful!) Last night we went to the event put on through our local bookstore, Malaprops. Some of you might know, Barbara Kingsolver is my favorite author. She released a new fiction book yesterday called The Lacuna. Her first stop in her 2 week book tour was in Asheville. She was as lovely as I thought she would be. She read from her book for about 45 minutes and just chatted for the rest of the time. She has a very sweet, genuine laugh. I felt like a little kid at Mother Goose Time at our library. I'll just say, the book sounds very interesting...it's historical fiction; half of it taking place in Asheville. I love how poetically she writes. Her words produce beautiful images. Check it out, if you're so inclined.)

Please, let us know what you think about our first month!


  1. Congratulations on saving so much money this month! It is crazy to think of where all that money used to go and you'd feel like there was nothing to show for it!

    Have you heard of a book called The Tightwad Gazette? My sister let me borrow it and I think I'm gonna send it your way! Lots of crazy ideas to save money...

  2. That is INCREDIBLE!!!! What a great first month...keep at it.

  3. I'm impressed! Your blog is very motivating (:

  4. You guys ROCK. So impressive. I love reading the blog, keep writing. Keep saving.


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